About LCC

Jeannie Lindskog

Jeannie works with clients to raise their self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance, in order to facilitate the changes they desire. She supports adults, adolescents and children around issues of depression, anxiety, stress, loss, as well as family and marital relationships. Her clinical background spans across age, gender, racial/ethnic groups, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. She offers empathy, experience and a non-judgmental approach in the therapeutic relationship.

People have the power within themselves for change but sometimes need a facilitator and coach to help them find additional coping skills or to process something with an objective party. Jeannie strongly believes in the restorative value of the therapeutic relationship and always works in collaboration with her clients, to build from their strengths, lessen stressors or meet challenges that they are facing. She tries to find what will be the most effective way to help clients achieve their goals and live a happier life.

Katie Lindskog

Katie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds her Masters Degree in counseling with over 10 years of experience. She has spent time both studying and working professionally in Latin America and Europe and speaks Spanish.

Katie specializes in working with adults, children, adolescents and families who are experiencing personal or relationship struggles, as well as issues in school. She has a unique clinical expertise in working with children and adolescents due to her time spent working in schools both in the United States and abroad. Katie aims to empower individuals with the resiliency skills and healthy communication tools that help them to navigate challenging situations at home and school.